Maria Tamayo

European Pricing & Market Strategy Expert

LLM, Staffordshire University, UK

"An increasing challenge for drug manufacturers is budget constraints within public funding. New pricing models are providing pharmaceutical companies with flexible agreements that not only benefit both manufacturers and payers but can also speed up time to market. This is particularly relevant for highly innovative, high-cost products that can save lives."

̶ Maria Tamayo, Consultant

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Maria has over 15 years of experience in advising on healthcare policy, forecasting, and value strategy for the pharmaceutical industry. She started her career as an industry analyst at Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, a pioneer P&R consultancy firm. Since then, she has worked for other industry specialist firms, such as IMS, Global Insight, and Optum, where she was an Associate Director within the Market Access European division.

She has experience across most therapeutic areas, including oncology, infectious disease, cardiology, rheumatology, respirology, ophthalmology, and dermatology, and substantial expertise in rare diseases and biosimilars.

Maria advises on product optimization through value propositions and value messaging, payer mapping, and evidence generation. Her research background includes stakeholder and payer research—one-to-one and via advisory boards. Her strategic approach involves analyzing opportunities at national, regional, and local levels in the most complex markets.

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