Fiona Robinson

Fiona Robinson

Medical Communications Expert

BSc, University of Guelph;
MSc, McGill University;
PhD, University of Cambridge

"You can have the best therapeutic in the world, but if you can’t convincingly communicate its value to the healthcare providers to prescribe it, the patients to adhere to its administration protocol, or the payers to provide access to it, it won’t help anyone and will fail to meet its potential. The discoveries of medical research should benefit society and effective communication of complex information to diverse stakeholders is critical to making that a reality."

̶ Fiona Robinson, Consultant

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For over 10 years Fiona pursued her passion for empowerment through knowledge conducting research in academic and pharmaceutical laboratories. While designing and running experiments in RNA biochemistry, oncology, and developmental neurobiology, she mentored research team members in medical communications, guiding them through data analysis and synthesis into peer-reviewed papers and presentations. Motivated by a desire to see scientific research serve the public good through effective communication, she transitioned fully into the medical communications field in 2010. 

Working for medical communications agencies and a not-for-profit patient organization, she has created public awareness raising posters, advanced pharmaceutical sales force training materials, a road map for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, guidance for regulators and ministries of health, advocacy tools, and more. Fiona enjoys combining her analytical research skills, extensive biomedical knowledge, and joy in crafting language to create tailored medical communication solutions that meet the precise needs of her clients.

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